La Redoute, the largest French fashion e-tailer, expands into China with Azoya

La Redoute is launching its own website in China in order to sell directly into a growing eCommerce market.

by Azoya

Azoya, an eCommerce solutions provider in China, announced today to partner with La Redoute, the largest fashion online retailer in France.

The partnership is introducing over 100 thousand SKUs through to China, signaling a major expansion of La Redoute.

"We met Azoya last year when we were considering the strategies to expand to China. We were looking for the right local partner, who has a solid knowledge of this new market, the Chinese culture and consumption patterns, and offers services equivalent to an extension of our teams on site, "says Saida Gallouj, International Development Director of La Redoute," Azoya has emerged very naturally with its turnkey solutions for cross-border business and the agility of its management model. "

Introducing 100 thousand SKUs to China seems involving huge investment under traditional expansion. Cross-border eCommerce provides a cost-effective and sustainable alternative. However, the only viable way is direct individual parcels shipping, which, in contrast to bounded warehouse shipping, doesn’t require bulk import and local stock.

Instead of going to major Chinese online marketplaces, La Redoute decided to establish its own branded Chinese site with Azoya. A dedicated Chinese site will directly expose La Redoute’s brand image to China. Moreover, an independent site allows La Redoute to avoid cutthroat competition and endless promotion fees (indispensable to get traffic) on online marketplaces.

Here’re what Azoya did within several weeks to prepare for La Redoute’s expansion to China:
• Build and launch
• Merchandise suited products to meet the local market demand.
• Establish digital marketing and social media strategies that work in China.
• Create the dedicated customer service.
• Design a suitable logistics solution.

"Azoya has rich experiences in operating online business for overseas retailers in China.” says Don Zhao, Co-founder of Azoya, "With both exceeding understand of Chinese customers behaviors and overseas retailers unique uniqueness, we are excited and devoted from the start to achieve the optimal results for La Redoute."