News | Alibaba and Tencent Deepened Cooperation to Empower Single’s Day 2023

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1. Alibaba and Tencent Deepened Cooperation to Empower Single’s Day 2023

Alimama, the specialized marketing platform under the Alibaba Group, has announced a collaboration with Tencent's advertising services. This collaboration extends advertisement placements on WeChat Video Accounts, Moments, and Mini Programs. Through this partnership, users will have direct access to Tmall and Taobao stores, product detail pages, and live streaming sessions.

Alibaba and Tencent will also employ strategies to improve audience reach and engagement, along with system enhancements to ensure smoother operations and interactions across both platforms.

Moreover, they are jointly launching the “Singles’ Day Boost Plan," an initiative that involves a significant investment of $137 million dollars to subsidize the merchants.


2. Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) Shuts Down Its Self-Operated Beauty E-Retail Division

Little Red Book’s (LRB) self-operated online beauty retailer, Welfare Agency, will be shuttered after nearly a decade of operation. The Shanghai-based company disclosed its plans to cease merchandise sales through the Welfare Agency on October 16, with a complete shutdown scheduled for November 16.

These developments follow the earlier announcement that LRB's sports and outdoor commodity e-commerce platform, Little Oasis, will cease operations at the end of the upcoming month.

To harness the unique advantages of LRB's social attributes and specific industries, the platform embarked on the development of buyer e-commerce. These buyers combine their accounts and stores, enabling them to post content about products, embed purchase links, or guide audiences to stores integrated within their accounts.


3. Adidas Invests $137 Billion Dollars in Building a Distribution Center in China

Adidas, the sportswear giant, has recently made a substantial investment of $137 million dollars to establish an automated distribution center in Suzhou, China, marking its largest investment in the country over the past five years.

Spanning an impressive 139,000 square meters, this distribution center showcases an exceptional level of automation. It is equipped with advanced intelligent warehousing and logistics to accommodate tens of millions of products and process over a million items daily.

Adidas has successfully expanded its business across China, making its presence felt in numerous cities. Moreover, e-commerce has emerged as a pivotal sales channel for Adidas within the Chinese market. 


4. 2024 Shanghai Spring & Summer Fashion Week: Scaling New Heights Since Three Years Ago

The 21st Shanghai Fashion Week will take place from October 8th to 16th, under the theme "Vitality Interconnected." Nearly a hundred domestic and international brands will launch new products, commencing with the opening by the Chinese female clothing brand ICICLE and closing with the Asia-Pacific debut of the British designer brand Stella McCartney.

As China becomes the world's most important luxury fashion consumption market and Chinese independent designers gain more prominence overseas, Shanghai Fashion Week has gradually found its new positioning.

Since its introduction of the concept of the "largest original design brand ordering season in Asia" in April 2017, it has formed an ecological cycle that connects three main entities: brands, exhibition showrooms, and retail channels for buyers.


5. Angela Caglia Skincare, Invested by Former Sephora CEO, are Developing Tailor Products for the Chinese Market

Renowned esthetician Angela Caglia will unveil her latest essence exclusively at Violet Grey. Simultaneously, she disclosed securing sponsorship from Martin Brok, former CEO of Sephora, marking a notable development for her brand.

In March 2022, Angela Caglia orchestrated a successful first round of fundraising, directing the funds towards diverse expansion initiatives encompassing her team, product development, and the brand's retail presence. Industry insiders estimate the brand's 2022 sales to range between 15 to 20 million dollars.

Angela Caglia's products are currently accessible through beauty e-commerce Net-a-porter's Tmall overseas flagship store. Expressing a keen interest in the Chinese market, Angela is actively crafting a whitening essence tailored specifically for Chinese consumers.


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