TLC Pharmacy to Have an Agiler Operation in China

TLC Pharmacy's upgrade of its eCommerce solutions with Azoya has ensured better localised operations for itself. Azoya has upgraded the solutions of all its partners.

by Azoya

TLC Pharmacy, a Scotland-based pharmacy who launched its business in China with Azoya at the end of 2013, recently upgraded its collaboration with Azoya, shifting to an agiler and more reliable solution - CECS (Chinese E-commerce Cloud Services). This upgrade marks that all partners of Azoya are now equipped with one of the most innovative cross-border eCommerce solutions.

TLC Pharmacy is one of the largest local chain pharmacies in Scotland and an authorized major partner of NHS (National Health System). It has over 10 bricks-and-mortar stores across Scotland.

At the end of 2013, TLC Pharmacy launched its online flagship store on Azoya’s cross-border eCommerce platform Then in June 2014, Azoya helped launch TLC Pharmacy's Chinese official website. Since then, TLC Pharmacy has been able to sell directly to Chinese customers.

However, the Chiese site was then run on TLC Pharmacy's server that's located in Scotland. This gives rise to several difficulties for Azoya to establish a fully localised operation.

1, Unstable access to the server leads to bad customer experiences. The long distance of between China and Scotland naturally makes it harder to visit the site. Plus, China's national firewall makes the visit more unstable.

2, Lacking full control of the server makes Azoya team can't tweak the website in real-time to meet the marketing needs. For example, some CPC marketing channels and logistic services need to be integrated to the website. Lacking full control will make these requirements can't be met.

In addition, after switching to CECS solution, TLC Pharmacy can enjoy Azoya's CDN and cloud hosting services, which will further advance customer experiences.