Hask (Hair and skin kindness) is a botanical hair care brand owned by Inspired Beauty Brands, Inc. from the United States, known as "Hollywood NO.1 hair care brand". Loved by Hollywood stars and stylists, it is the winning secret for many Hollywood stylists to create photogenic hairstyles for celebrities. 

As a personal care brand that advocates clean beauty, Hask always adheres to the standard of strict selection of ingredients, only to let consumers enjoy a quality shampoo and hair care experience.

Hask owned by Inspired Beauty Brands from the United States

Cross-border E-commerce to China

In response to the increased demand for functionality of hair and body care products from Chinese consumers, HASK partnered with Azoya in 2021 on their China expansion journey.

Azoya help launched a Tmall Global store for the brand, and was responsible for daily digital marketing, store operation and customer service. By positioning the brand as a professional and affordable standpoint, Azoya has launched and managed an extensive onging seeding campaign that resulted in high quality KOL and KOC reviews about the brand across WeChat, Weibo and Red (Xiaohongshu), to help Hask build brand awareness.

Hask owned by Inspired Beauty Brands from the United States

In the partnership, Azoya offered comprehensive end-to-end solutions for HASK including:

1. Marketing methodology: In-channel marketing, ext-channel marketing, and livestreaming.

2. Daily operation: campaign planning, Tmall Global flagship store daily operation, merchandising, promotion planning, customer service, logistics management, etc.

3. Digital marketing across various platforms: social media, search engines, marketing partnership, influencer (KOL/KOC) marketing, paid media.

4. Brand management: content creation, public relationship management, social hearing.

5. Customer loyalty building: Customer relation management, membership systems.

6. Data driven: Date analytics and strategy consulting.

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