2021 Year-end Review

by Azoya

2021 has been a challenging year for everyone affected by the pandemic, resulting in rising cost of shipment and intensifying market competition. It’s also a year full of opportunities for people that come prepared. In the past year, Azoy had successfully launched new collaborations and projects to support more than dozen partners to expand to the China market.

In a year of changing market conditions and fragmented customer traffic, Azoya continues to strengthen our unique indigenous E-commerce SaaS platform. Our data-driven technology & operating approach are helping us to continue develop new and strong partnership to expand in China multi-channel. We are continuing to support international retailers & brands to further understand the dynamic China market by producing a record stream of whitepapers, reports, and articles.

All of our achievements wouldn’t have been possible without having the support from our partners. We’d like to take this opportunity to wrap up this eventful year by sharing some of our biggest achievements in 2021, and we hope to embark on a new journey together with you in 2022.

Here are some Azoya Group highlights from the past year:


•   We are officially certified by JD’s Worldwide as a multi-brand service provider to help more overseas brands launch on this growing marketplace and manage the IT integration, digital marketing, e-commerce operating and strategy consulting. 

•   We are recognized by Tmall Global Star Service Provider in 2021 by helping both beauty, nutrition, fashion retailers & brands successfully launch and operate on the platform.

•   We won a superior award from Cainiao Network Awards as official recognition of our services and innovations in the designing cross-border logistics strategy & solutions for our partners.


We are delighted with our achievements in 2021, it’s been a really great year for Azoya Group and for that to be recognized externally through award nominations and more is great to see. We have to thank the amazing team for their hard work which has led to these awards and accolades.

Selected Projects and Case Studies

We are continuing to collaborate with leading brands & retailers to help them set up localized China e-commerce experience. All of our clients are unique and deserves special solutions for their business challenges in China, and we provides turnkey & end-to-end solution for our clients to manage the China expansion. Under the guidance of this business philosophy, we are exploring new industry and new business models with partners who trust us for the development: in 2021 we’ve been able to launch new projects:

In 2021, we successfully cooperated with luxury retailer - Miinto;


British fashion brand - Barbour;




K11 Go HK;


And also Amala Beauty, HASK and Perfumerias Gotta. 

Top 5 Most Downloads Resources of the year

1. The WeChat Mini-Program Playbook For E-Commerce 2021


This playbook gives a quick introduction to WeChat Mini-program, and how top retail players in luxury, beauty, and fashion are using WeChat Mini-program to achieve impressive results. 

Download Our 85-pg WeChat Mini-Program Playbook for E-commerce 2021

2. A Complete Guide To “Private Traffic” For China Retail In 2021


In recent years, private traffic has emerged as an e-commerce essential, as it reduces customer retention costs and sparks sales among targeted social media users.

Download our 66-pg Private Traffic Report to learn how to retain & capitalize on your customer database in China via private traffic.

3. Selling DTC In China Via Cross-Border E-commerce 2022 


China’s cross-border e-commerce has seen significant growth over the past few years, and DTC brands are poised to see record consumer demand this year.

Download our 100-page white paper to unlock your business opportunity among Chinese consumers!

4. Getting Started on Tmall Global


Global brands such as Fenty Beauty, Sephora, and Ikea have all used Tmall Global as a springboard to enter the China market over the past year.

We’ve compiled an exhaustive 53-page guide that details the ins and outs of running a store on Tmall Global.

5. Brand building In China’s Digital Ecosystem

brand building.jpg

The Chinese market presents both enormous opportunities and significant challenges to brands trying to capture their piece of the China beauty prize.

Understanding the constant evolution of behavior, trends, and market shifts are requisite for success in China, downloads this e-book to know more.

Top 10 China market insights of the year?

1.      Brands Are Doubling Down on WeChat Channels - Here's What DTC Brands Can Learn From Them

2.     4 Categories Booming Among Chinese Female Consumers

3.     What’s Douyin (Tik Tok) Cross-border Store and Why You Should Care

4.     Six WeChat Mini-Program Case Studies for Retail & E-Commerce

5.     How Luxury Beauty Brands Are Preparing for Chinese New Year

6.     Eyes on Hainan Duty-Free: Why Travel Retailers Should Pay Attention to this Rising Sales Channel

7.     Private Traffic - Why It’s a China Marketing Buzzword?

8.     Best Practices of Qixi Festival campaign: a case study of beauty brands’ WeChat effort

9.     The Anti-aging Market in China: A Burst of Momentum

10.   Bilibili Decoded: A New Beauty Battlefield for Unlock Chinese Gen Z

Video explainer


And here's a video of the wechat ecosystem that you can't ignore, 2 minutes to know how to begin with e-commerce in China through WeChat.

Thank you again for your partnership and support. We wish you all the best as we start the new year! ❤