Azoya Launches Iconic UK Brand Cambridge Satchel's Chinese Language E-Commerce Site

Leveraging the Azoya Commerce solution, Cambridge Satchel's localized e-commerce platform is designed to meet growing demand in the China market

by Azoya

September 25, 2018, Shenzhen -  Shenzhen-based e-tailing group Azoya launched UK-based vintage leather satchel brand Cambridge Satchel's Chinese language website today to meet growing demand for the latter's products in the China market. This is the next step in Cambridge Satchel's international expansion strategy, as it considers China to be a key growth market. Facing an increasingly competitive market in China, Cambridge Satchel decided to leverage Azoya's turnkey e-commerce solutions to build a localized cross-border e-commerce business.

In recent years Cambridge Satchel has seen growing demand for its coveted, Harry Potter-like leather satchel bags from both Chinese tourists in the UK and Chinese users accessing its official website. By utilizing the comprehensive Azoya Commerce solution, Cambridge Satchel's localized Chinese e-commerce site integrates order, inventory, payments, and logistics information so that Chinese customers can order products straight from the source in the UK, ensuring a seamless customer experience. Azoya will also be responsible for the day-to-day operations and marketing of the Chinese-language site going forward.

cambridge%20satchel%20screenshot compressed.png

Cambridge Satchel's newly launched Chinese-language website

“We are truly excited to assist Cambridge Satchel with its expansion plans in China. Its brand is highly unique and has a tremendous amount of potential  in the China market," noted Azoya co-founder Don Zhao. "Many Chinese students study abroad in the United Kingdom and we believe that Chinese consumers will find Cambridge Satchel's vintage leather products highly appealing."

In recent years Cambridge Satchel's popularity has soared as celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Emma Stone were spotted carrying the bags. Its fans are attracted to its handstitched leather and nostalgic schoolyard feel, giving it a distinctly British look. 

About Azoya

Azoya has several years of experence in helping international retailers and brands set up and operate e-commerce stores in China. As a borderless e-tailing group that has helped over 30 different retailers and brands enter and operate in the China market, Azoya's seasoned e-commerce teams can provide a wide range of different solutions that include IT, marketing, logistics, payments, customer service, and more. 

About Cambridge Satchel

Cambridge Satchel was founded in 2008 by British resident Julie Deane. Cambridge Satchel opened its first store in 2013 and expanded into mens' bags in 2015.  The company now sells satchels and accessories in over 100 countries worldwide; it counts China as a major growth market going forward. 

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