[EXPRESS] China's policymakers extends transitional regulation of cross-border import to the end to 2018

This would be the third time of postponement of 'Positive List' and the import permit required for cross-border e-commerce import.

by Azoya Express


Chinese government just announced through state-owned media that the transitional regulation of cross-border retailing is to be extended to the end of 2018. The decision was made by the centrial government during a State Council meeting on 20th of September, when Premier Li made instruction to move forward on the trials and experiment of cross-border e-commerce and to continue the development of special cross-border e-commerce pilot zone to ficilitate ecommerce export. Li urges relevant department to keep closer look on the risks of cross-border e-commerce to protect consumer rights, and crack down counterfeit or under-qualified products.

This is the third time that the transitional regulation being extended, and cross-border importers will be exempt for product registration and import permit for Customs clearance. The first time of extension took place in May of 2016, and the second in November of 2016. According to CECRC report, transaction volume of China's cross-border e-commerce (import & export) in 2017 totaled 6.7 trillion CNY, approximately 1 trillion USD.

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