How Allbirds can Succeed in China

by DTC Daily

This article was originally posted on DTC Daily.

In this piece for Elena Gatti (pictured below), managing director, DACH, Azoya, analyses Allbirds‘ entrance into the Chinese market, and what the business must do to make it a success, amid other fashion brands dropping out of the country.

Direct-to-consumer brands today are killing it. Backed by millions in VC funding, these upstart brands are clawing market share from incumbents and giving them a run for their money. Now, the likes of Rothy’s, Everlane, and Ellie Kai are set on making their mark in what will soon be the world’s largest retail market – China.

The latest entrant to the arena is San Francisco-based Allbirds, the trendy and sustainable footwear brand that first became popular amongst Silicon Valley techies. But what chance does Allbirds have of succeeding in the market? 

China’s footwear market needs Allbirds’ customer-focused strategy

Allbirds is building a strong omnichannel presence in China. Not only has it already set up an official Chinese website and Tmall flagship store, but it is also building retail stores in four different cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu. With the international team led by Erick Haskell, the former head of Under Armour Asia Pacific, Allbirds has already set up a 25-member team in Shanghai.

And yet China’s retail industry is challenging...

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