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by Azoya

Update: October 31, 2023



Platform Strategy

1. The Double 11 Schedule of 2023, Tmall

The Double 11 main event is divided into two phases: the first phase is "Tmall Double 11 Pre-Sale," and the second phase is "Tmall Double 11 Carnival Day."

To provide consumers with a comprehensive range of Double 11 discounted products and worry-free services, Tmall  & Taobao, will organize the "Double 11 Daily Deal" event during the same period as the main event.

The specific registration and activity schedule is as follows:

The Double 11 Schedule of 2023, Tmall.png

2. Alimama, a marketing platform of Alibaba Group

In preparation for Tmall's Double 11, Taobao's merchant support reaches new heights. Ali Mama, Alibaba's marketing platform, unveiled its 2023 Single's Day investment guide on October 9, introducing substantial subsidies and two AI products: Wansight Platform Unlimited Edition and Ali Mama Bilin. The incentive plan for Double 11 exceeds 30 billion RMB, focusing on supporting small and medium-sized merchants, Taobao customers, and live-streaming influencers. 

Notably, Ali Mama commits over 2 billion RMB to the "Million Merchant Plan," aiming to enable more businesses to achieve a million transactions. Additionally, Ali Mama allocates 1 billion RMB for Taobao customer subsidies and offers significant support for live-streaming and short video merchants. The plan also introduces substantial experience funds for merchants utilizing AI technology.

3. Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu)

Little Red Book (LRB) is transitioning from in-house e-commerce to a "lighter" operational model focused on a "buyer-centric e-commerce" era.  It plans to invest billions in traffic support and subsidies during the Single's Day to facilitate the development of both buyers and sellers.  The plan includes support measures like matchmaking initiatives, live streaming strategies, and various incentives targeting self-promotion by stores, the growth of influencers, and product posts. LRB emphasizes unprecedented support to help businesses leverage the shopping festival effectively. 


The slogan (京东) has launched for this year's Double 11 is "Truly Cheap," and they are collaborating with various brands to promote "Real Low Prices." will also kick off the "100 Billion Subsidy Day" on the evening of October 31st at 8 PM, simultaneously offering services like "Buy Products More Expensive Than Usual, Get Double Compensation" and "Price Guarantee for Over 800 Million Products" (or "Price Guarantee Throughout the Entire Duration"). According to their introduction, the number of's products with 100 billion yuan subsidy participating in Double 11 has reached twice that of 618, and the number of merchants has increased by over 1.5 times compared to last year.

5. Meituan

Meituan Flash Purchase has launched the "11.11 Beautiful Carnival" from October 24 to November 12, teaming up with over 800,000 offline stores. This special event offers discounts on a wide range of products, from electronics and beauty items to baby products, toys, pet food, and fashion. It includes 20 top-selling items, five super category days, 16 super brand days, and over 100 live-streaming sessions. During this event, shoppers can enjoy fantastic prices and participate in the "daily 1111 RMB red packet" giveaway. They also benefit from services like "fastest 30-minute delivery," "on-time guarantee or compensation," and "12-month interest-free" payment options. 

From a marketing perspective, 16 brands are participating in the "super brand day" with various discounts and promotions. The event features five upgraded super categories: electronics, baby and toys, beauty and personal care, fashion, and pet food. Meituan Flash Purchase is committed to providing a seamless online and offline shopping experience by partnering with 15 key stores in 15 core cities. Furthermore, the event emphasizes "live-stream shopping," offering over 100 live sessions to showcase enticing deals and drive more traffic to local stores.

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