WeChat Launches Logistics API for WeChat Mini-Program Sellers

WeChat has recently launched a new logistics API that e-commerce sellers can use to create and track their orders

by Ker Zheng

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WeChat has recently launched a new logistics API that e-commerce sellers can use to create and track their orders.

The API is designed for merchants selling through WeChat mini-program stores, and is tied to the major logistics companies in China.

This includes Best Logistics, EMS, OTP Express, PJ Best, SF Express, YTO Express, Yunda Express, ZTO Express, and Deppon Logistics.

WeChat users can also track their orders and receive notifications when orders are fulfilled. Such notifications show up in the Service Notifications folder on WeChat.

How can Merchants Access WeChat's Logistics API?

To access this logistics API, sellers have to search 微信物流助手 in WeChat.

To apply to register for the API, sellers have to log into their mini-program account at

You have to then click on the link on the left-hand side and then bind your mini-progam to the logistics assistant.

wechat logistics api 1.jpg

wechat logistics api 2.jpg

Here, users can receive notifcations when packages are shipped. They can also track the times and locations of the packages as they move from station to station.

wechat logistics api 3.jpg

Logistics API helps improve the WeChat Commerce ecosystem for sellers

The new logistics API indicates that WeChat and Tencent are attempting to improve the  ecosystem for WeChat mini-program sellers. The logistics API creates a centralized platform so that both sellers and users can monitor and track shipments.

This will make things easier for sellers who may previously have had to track shipments through a separate platform or did not have a way to automatically provide their customers with tracking information.

What remains to be seen is how cross-border e-commerce sellers will be affected, and whether or not this logistics API can be applied to cross-border shipments.

The API only covers nine major shipping companies, and it is still too early to tell how cross-border shipping operations with different or multiple providers may be affected.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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