Amala – the best kept secret of the world’s top 5-star spas - is a luxury organic skincare brand originated from Germany. Founded in 2008, the brand advocates Living skincare for Living Skin to empower beauty. By extracting ingredients from organic plant to achieve excellent skincare effects, the brand has a “made-to-measure” formula that offer strong efficacy with proven result.

Amala’s creators has more than 25 years of experience in making organic skincare products in Germany. They choose organic plants that will not change the original state of the plants. The brand has a patterned traditional distillation method which was developed by the brand’s founders. The brand does not conduct animal experimentation and there is no cooperation with partners who conduct animal test.

Cross-border E-commerce to China

Amala partnered with Azoya to tackle the booming clean beauty market in China by launching a cross-border e-commerce business, bringing the Amala brand into the Chinese market.

Azoya help launched a Tmall Global store for the brand, and was responsible for daily digital marketing, store operation and customer service. By positioning the brand as a luxury skincare brand with a clean, organic, and clinically-proven standpoint, Azoya has launched and managed an extensive onging seeding campaign that resulted in high quality KOL and KOC reviews about the brand across WeChat, Weibo, Red (Xiaohongshu), and Zhihu.

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