“I was surprised at how quickly we were able to scale. We found that within the first month we had a huge following. For us it was initially all about acquiring new customers and now we’re all about keeping existing customers.”

Claire Pallot - General Manager of Multi-channel for Sigma


Amcal is one of the best-known pharmacy brands of Sigma - a leading Australian full line wholesale operating from distribution business to pharmacy. Amcal has built its reputation on providing health and wellbeing solutions to Australians for over 75 years and its network has grown to over 300 stores, becoming an integral part of local communities in every state and territory, and making itself one of the largest pharmacy retailers in Australia.

Amcal partnered with Azoya on entry to the China market in 2016, when the cross-border e-commerce is starting to taking off and global retailers are searching for a turnkey solutions to sell products to China as well as nurturing local market awareness. Azoya's turnkey e-commerce solutions covers everything from setting up a standalone website for Amcal, to reaching target customers, merchandising to adapt to local market demand, and maximizing return from cooperation with various marketing channels. 

amcal chinese standalone website

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