Established in 1894, Barbour, a luxury brand from the UK, is world-renowned for its classic and durable quality and three royalties. Currently, Barbour has opened offline stores in over 40 countries worldwide.

It is also popular with consumers due to its classic fashion design and British style characteristics, including the Queen of England, Prince Philip, stars such as Brad Pitt, etc.

In addition to its focus on menswear and womenswear, Barbour has also developed in the areas of footwear, accessories, childrenswear, and pets.

Cross-border E-commerce to China

Azoya helped Barbour exclusively manage the China e-commerce business and launched the Tmall Global store and responsible for daily digital marketing, store operation and customer service, etc.

By positioning the brand as a British style, functionality, simplicity, and elegant standpoint, Azoya helped Barbour identify the medium-high consumption group's target customer group and provided a marketing plan for multimedia channels to help Barbour establish brand awareness and grow business sales.

  • Assortment strategy of Barbour Tmall Global Stores

Since Barbour already has a certain brand reputation and fan base, the classic wax jacket series can be positioned as a hero product for Barbour. In addition, customers are demanding new styles, Azoya also working with Barbour to select new collection products to generate customer interest.

Barbour product selection is mainly based on market trends and the brand’s customer portrait. Azoya tracks the market demands and latest trends in the fashion industry to advise Barbour better.

  • Tmall Global In-site Marketing

Azoya helped Barbour use paid marketing tools to expose products within the Tmall platform and drive traffic to the store, build strong brand awareness and increase brand penetration.

Tmall Global Double 11 Campaign

Singles Day is the biggest online shopping festival of the year. No matter for platform, brand, or consumer, it is a promotion worthy of attention and participation.

During Singles Day, Azoya helped Barbour use consistent external marketing and optimized in-site marketing to improve brand recognition and stimulate purchases.

In addition, the store launched new products during the campaign. The merchandise is mainly Barbour’s hero product, the classic wax jacket, which is also the most popular item among consumers.

This has also brought a good sales effect to the store and accumulated a large number of new fans, which is the second growth stage of the Barbour Tmall Global store.

Tmall Domestic Flagship Store

Azoya helped launched and operating the Tmall Domestic Flagship Store in late 2022 after the brand made a strategic change to re-start domestic e-commerce with local partner D-Mop, a renowned fashion franchiser in China. Azoya manage end-to-end e-commerce operation of the flagship store by providing daily store operating service, customer service, digital marketing, visuals, domestic logistics, and strategic advices to scale the brand further in the realm of luxury men's RTW market. In shortly 3 months after launch, sales beat expectation by over 150% and was well received by the Barbour fans in China.

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