Superdry exiting Mainland China

by RetailNews Asia

This article was originally published on RetailNews Aisa

British clothing label Superdry is set to quit the Mainland China market after five years of mounting losses.

Several Chinese-language fashion industry news channels on the mainland are reporting clearance sales in Superdry stores – a rare event in itself – with merchandise discounted by 25 or 30 percent.

A staff member of a Superdry Xiamen store told Interface Fashion that sold stock was not being replenished. “We have received a notice from the Shanghai company that we will withdraw from the Chinese market in July,” she said, in a comment translated from traditional Chinese.

Ker Zheng, marketing & partnerships executive with Azoya said that Superdry failed to stand out as a brand in China.

“Streetwear is trending upscale these days – while the prices at Superdry are high, I don’t think the brand has invested enough in marketing to really differentiate itself from other competitors. It’s not a popular brand,” he said.

“Apparel is a tough and competitive industry and not many other foreign players besides Uniqlo and Zara have succeeded in China. In the past Chinese males have been less likely to splurge on shopping and prefer to buy simpler clothes, but this is starting to change, so there is hope.”  Read the full article on RetailNews Asia.

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