The Best of Azoya 2019

Enjoyed our content on China retail & e-commerce this year? We lay out our top ten most popular posts for 2019

by Ker Zheng

This year we doubled down on China retail & e-commerce content so that our clients could better understand the market. 

As we head into the new year, below we single out some of our most popular posts in 2019. 

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How L'Oreal Sales Surpassed One Billion RMB on Singles Day (Nov 19)

L'Oreal became the top-selling beauty brand on Tmall this year. Here's how they used omnichannel marketing and live streaming partnerships to do it.

Aldi Shows Us How Smart Retail is Done in China (Sept 3)

Aldi's entry into the China market shows how foreign retailers can leverage omnichannel retail strategies to better engage customers.

Animal Testing for Imported Cosmetics - What's New This Year? (Aug 19)

We review the latest updates on China's animal testing requirements and where the road ahead lies.

Understanding China‘s Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Site - SMZDM (Aug 9) drives millions of dollars of e-commerce sales every year. Here's a deeper look at its business model and how affiliate marketing works in China.

Why was Xiaohongshu Pulled from China's App Stores? (Aug 1)

Xiaohongshu has been taken off China's app stores. We explain what's going on and what this means for brands.

Video is the Next Frontier for China E-Commerce (Jul 10)

Short video and livestreaming platforms are taking off in China. Now they're linking to e-commerce products to monetize their traffic. We take a look at what's going on.

Why it‘s so hard to root out fake goods in China ecommerce (May 31)

A new Chinese law could help cut down on the sale of counterfeit products on Chinese ecommerce platforms. But there are existing obstacles that make it difficult to do so.

Lessons From Forever 21’s China Exit (May 23)

The fast-fashion retailer's exit is the latest in a string of departures by foreign apparel companies in China. We explain why fast fashion is so difficult to pull off in China. 

Why Global Retailers Are Leaving Tmall And What This Means For Your Business (Feb 28)

The situation for retailers on Tmall and is becoming increasingly precarious as competition mounts.

Alibaba and Partner with Smaller Rivals as E-Commerce Growth Slows (Feb 28)

As e-commerce growth slows in China, industry heavyweights Alibaba and are partnering with smaller rivals to capture new segments of the market.


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