Miinto – Found in 2009, is one of Europe’s largest e-commerce fashion platforms with more than 5.000 brands and a presence in 13 markets.

Miinto focuses on providing its customers with the broadest and finest assortment of fashion clothing and accessories from international fashion brands dedicated to men, women, and children.

Cross-border E-commerce to China

Azoya provides a comprehensive turnkey e-commerce solution to Miinto and helped launch JDW's flagship store, CN.site, WeChat mini-program, and APP for Miinto, which includes the methodology of digital marketing, brand awareness enhancement strategy, and logistics in China.

Branding Marketing

Miinto as a fashion retailer does not have much Chinese brand awareness. Azoya has launched and managed an extensive ongoing seeding campaign that resulted in high quality KOL and KOC reviews about the brand across Weibo, Little Red Book and Zhihu. It is necessary to leverage social media & press to build word of mouth.

Baidu marketing provides many types of services for brands. Occasions include advertising on different devices and platforms, inferring consumer insights from user data, tracking the effects of campaigns.

Azoya used Baidu SEM to drive a high amount of relevant and quality traffic to Miinto, with constant optimization approaches. We also leveraged Baidu Brand Area ads to improve Miinto exposure and conversion.

Performance Marketing

Retail & brand cannot purely rely on brand marketing to generate UV and sales. It is important to leverage performance marketing to generate sales.

Affiliate marketing plays an important role in gaining customer trust, strong affiliate content can drive users to independent e-commerce sites. Azoya has integrated with over a hundred shopping guide platforms and affiliate platforms to gather fragmented traffics.

Azoya Affiliate integrates with leading marketing channels in China, and we can help merchants connect, broadcast and sell across the digital landscape. We match your products & campaign with the most suitable channels and help you configure your campaign patterns for a better return of marketing investment.

WeChat Moment Ads provide interesting advantages for brands to reach WeChat’s huge source of audience. Users can like, comment, and share the ads. We helped Miinto use WeChat Moments Ads to redirect users to other WeChat features. Attract & engage customers with interactive ads, customers can click the ads to go to the mini-program and make a purchase.

Content Marketing

Azoya and Miinto worked together to build brand reputation through their own social media platforms.

Since Little Red Book and Weibo is a content-sharing platforms where its community comes first, Azoya focused on localizing Miinto’s product description and marketing campaigns to reach its users, and improve recognition and popularity.

Azoya helped Miinto through WeChat private domain operation to effectively increase customer activity, use high-quality content & topic on WeChat Group to enable customers to participate and guide customer purchases, improve engagement and build loyalty.

Also, we helped Miinto to build & operate the WeChat Official Account, which is the key scene of brand building and content marketing.

The brand can release brand story and promotion information to increase customer engagement, and embed Mini-Program, WeChat Work QR code, etc. to convert to sales or group operations.

Omni-channel Capability

Miinto partnered with Azoya to launch 4 sales channels selling to Chinese customers with end-to-end localized services: CN Website (PC/Mobile); WeChat Mini Program; APP (iOS/Android); JD International.

Cross-border Logistics Solution

The cross-border logistics cycle is long, and many merchants are lacks experience in logistics issues such as routes, prices, and timeliness. 

Azoya helped Miinto choose the shipping options that best fit their e-commerce business model and also provide customs clearance support.

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