China E-commerce Services

With extensive experience in cross-border e-commerce, Azoya has developed multiple e-commerce services to help retailers and brands capture sales in the booming China market.

Why Azoya?

As an integrated part your retail business, Azoya bring out the full e-com potential of partners through multi-touchpoint approach instead from a point-to-point approach to the Chna market. 

To build a strong & competitive existance in the China market, Azoya leverages its sophisticated industry network and business intelligence to help retailers and brands target various market segments, and implement your direct to customer (D2C) China strategies, including but not limited to:

  • Connection to the major Chinese marketplaces such as Kaola, and RED;

  • Promotion and marketing via influential affliates, marketing channels, online influencers (KOL) and social media;

  • B2B distribution & white labeled supply to leading Chinese retailers.



  • Full control of consumer data and analysis

  • Diversified and stable traffic channels and marketing solutions

  • Flexible supply chain solutions (dropshipping & near shore warehousing)

  • Broad SKU and flexible merchandising for the Chinese market

  • Transparent and competitive pricing strategy

  • Language, IT, finance and customer service support

China E-commerce Cloud

When launching an online store in China, retailers need to establish an impeccable IT infrastructure to make sure that the site is easily accessible in every possible scenario. To support a good shopping experience, the Chinese e-commerce website would requires an optimized, secure, localized IT infrastructure. Azoya has established a scalable IT infrastructure to adapt to various kinds of business needs and strategies.

The capacity of the cloud-based services is the cornerstone of the webshop experience. We host retailers' IT system on our state-of-the-art cloud servers. Our in-house R&D teams develope a scalable modular structure to handle high concurrency during online peak traffic - such as the Single's Day and Black Friday promotions. A dispersed database structure is deployed to reduce risk, increase data disaster tolerance and safeguard transactions records.



  • Scalable, state-of-the-art cloud servers host your IT system

  • Elastic modular structure can handle high concurrency for superior service

  • Dispersed databases increase data disaster tolerance and reduce risk

  • Secure data protection and anti-fraud systems to protect your company and customers

  • Faster online service for a superior customer experience

E-commerce Store Setup

As the vehicle for your online retail business, your e-commerce platform attracts customer traffic, facilitates the shopping process and converts visitors into loyal buyers. Our trusted China market expertise and IT strength provide you with ideal results as you expand into China.

localized store for chinese e-commerce

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  • Build your stand-alone Chinese online store with fully-customized design to align with your brand

  • Responsive web design provides user-friendly service for mobile (smartphone, tablet) and desktop

  • Flexible API integration and full data synchronization for data integrity and accuracy

  • Proven 90-day launch process helps you adapt to changing market conditions

  • Integrated e-commerce infrastructure system includes logistics, payment, marketing and customer service 

Marketing in China

We help you market your website and your products across the digital space in China. Digital media in China is gaining momentum and threatens to replace traditional forms altogether, and it is evolving all the time. Retailers will need a marketing expert that have full track of success in China to enable a successful digital marketing strategy.

To help you keep up with the latest marketing trends and consumer expectations, we will devise your entire marketing strategy, arrange joint branding activities and events, perform day to day marketing support, and ensure customer growth. 

Our digital marketing offering will directly expose your retail brand to Chinese shoppers on major PC and mobile SNS media (WeChat, Weibo, Baidu Wiki, BBS forums, etc.) to boost brand engagement. We also help clients reach out to the KOLs (online influencers in China) and collaborate on campaigns to boost sales as well as acquire new customers.


Identifying the right marketing channels

We manage software integration between your Chinese website and the affiliate networks. Through years of development, we have strong relationship with Chinese local affiliate channels to yield quick and performing result. We continue to identify and develop new channels such as KOL, membership programs targeting your retail categories. Our integrated e-commerce infrastructure allows quick connection and launch campaign through our marketing channels, provides mesurable data to help adjust your maketing strategy in the China market.

Campaign management

Our in-house teams deal with daily management of customer acquisition campaigns, and manage your operation on various marketing channels. We ensure timely launch of campaign promotion details, offerings, visuals, advertisement on designated marketing channels.


  • Direct retail brand exposure in the China market

  • Proven B2C online traffic acquisition strategy management, design, planning and channel development

  • Social media marketing, including official WeChat, Weibo and major SNS account setup and operations

  • Branding and events, including strategic management and planning

  • Customer relations management to drive sales and loyalty

Managed logistics and fulfillment

Long delivery time has long been a problem ailing Chinese cross-border online shoppers. The customers want a swift and secure delivery. Prompt delivery of your orders will give you a competitive edge. To accelerate your fulfillment process, you’ll also need an efficient warehousing system.

Azoya provides one-stop logistics solution and managed fulfillment to help clients drive down costs, improve international logistics and provide better customer experience.

china e-commerce logistics


  • One-stop solution for logistics, warehousing and fulfillment

  • Logistics strategy with high-level design of international shipping routes and China Customs clearance

  • Warehouses in 10+ countries through strategic partnerships with major logistics companies

  • Real-time order tracking system for supply chain visibility and end-to-end tracking of parcel status

  • Fully IT-driven logistics process for greater efficiency

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Managed local e-commerce operation

Operating in a new market is challenging. Geographic distance and lack of timely information means a foreign-based operation team can't respond to market trends with swift agility. As a result, market opportunities could be missed and customers could feel dissatisfied.

Azoya's hassle-free, fully-managed operations service helps you successfully run your business in China. You gain a day-to-day managed operations team with strong results-oriented practices that drive your Chinese e-commerce business performance. Our seasoned professionals will work with you to achieve sustainable growth.

china e-commerce operation


  •  Merchandising management to adapt to Chinese consumers' needs and preferences

  •  Localized content, including product and website translations, content development and maintenance

  •  Integrated marketing, including campaign and promotions strategy, planning and management

  •  Conversion management, including from traffic acquisition and internal optimization

  •  Consistent customer loyalty program for omnichannel service and customer retention

  •  Data-driven operations to match Chinese online shopper profiles and behaviors with offerings

China Payment Integration

Most Chinese consumers don't use international payment tools (PayPal, VISA or MasterCard). That's why it's critical to offer them some widely-accepted payment methods in China. Chinese customers value the security and convenience of international payment, and our China Payment solution integrates mainstream payment options to establish secure and transparent payment services that Chinese shoppers expect. 


  • Strategic partnerships: Global Tier 1 agent partner of Union Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay and Tenpay

  • Online payment and settlement management for UnionPay, Alipay and WeChat Pay for PC and mobile 

  • Day-to-day online management of transactions, refunds and voids

  • Support 15+ mainstream currencies settlement to RMB (China’s currency) and vice versa.

  • Easy accounting with secure, clear and auditable transaction records

  • Competitive transaction rate always saves you money

Customer service

For companies of all sizes, customer service needs to be at the heart of your business. An unhappy customer will not come back. Only happy customers will come back to you and share positive word of mouth with others.

To help you serve Chinese customers well, Azoya’s dedicated pre- and post-sale customer service team can answer all the demands of Chinese customers. Our China-based customer service team can respond to customers’ queries and complaints promptly to maximize sales and loyalty. To retain customers, we also offer advisory services and support a full refund policy and in-China parcel return service.

Trust your customer service to local professionals who understand how to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty in China’s booming e-commerce market.

chinese e-commerce customer service


  • Native professionals deliver excellent customer service

  • Pre- and post-sale customer support specialist teams for multichannel service excellence

  • Fast responses to customer enquiries and complaints

  • Localized service to meet the diverse demands of Chinese customers

  • Exceptional customer service and crisis management partner in China to handle emerging issues

Omni-channel Kits

Easily expand your retail channel with our omni-channel kits: the one-stop service to introduce to bricks-and-mortar stores, drive traffic to your offline store in your home country, and expand your store to leading marketplaces.


  • Establish your cross-border Omni-channel retail in China

  • Providing multiple touch points of shopping to enhance your Chinese customer experience

  • Circulate your Chinese traffic between offline and online stores

  • WeChat operation, payment, logistics and marketing design solution for offline stores

  • Introduce your retail business to leading bricks-and-mortar stores in China

Value-added services

Azoya provides value-added services to improve your chances of success in the competitive China market with our expertise in China market entry and e-commerce operations.

You will gain a competitive advantage and proactively spot risks if you know the China market thoroughly, plan properly and equip yourself with the most relevant information.

To achieve these benefits, you need a local expert who can give you timely advice and help you acquire the necessary business resources to support future expansion.



  • Managed product sourcing and stock planning for easy operations

  • Strategic consultation on China’s retail market and international trading for proactive planning

  • Inside market data and information to monitor market trends

  • Trusted advice on market entry, technologies and business models

  • Fact-based consultation on China government policies and how to adapt