China E-commerce Services

With extensive experience in cross-border e-commerce, Azoya has developed multiple e-commerce services to help retailers and brands capture sales in the booming China market.

Why Azoya?

We are a turnkey e-commerce solutions company that specializes in multi-channel retail expansion in China. We have a long-term track record of helping global brands & retailers succeed in the China market, particularly in the health, beauty, and mom & baby categories.

Our comprehensive solutions are divided into five categories:

1. China e-commerce (official brand presence i.e. websites, apps, mini-programs) set-up and operations

2. Marketplace operations

3. Brand management

4. Digital transformation

5. Research & consulting

Our solutions are underpinned by our core capabilities, which we highlight below:


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Technology lies at the core of e-commerce and is integral to success in the China market. And yet many players have trouble adapting their systems to China’s unique digital ecosystem and the way e-commerce works in the country. We integrate your e-commerce business across different digital channels and optimize it for the China consumer.

Cloud Infrastructure

We build your e-commerce business on China-based cloud infrastructure that are elastic, stable, secure, and SUPER FAST!

Unified, Integrated E-Commerce Systems

We link product information, customer data, price, order, inventory, and logistics management systems across different sales channels, providing powerful solutions to support cross-border importing into China.

Optimized Interfaces for the China Consumer

We use CDN acceleration and optimized Mandarin Chinese content to ensure that your end customer has the best user experience. 

Marketing & Branding

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We devise your China marketing strategy, run branding campaigns, and continually optimize operations to align with your brand's position in the market. 

We work with affiliate marketing partners, shopping guide channels, social media platforms (WeChat, Weibo, etc.), search engines, influencers, and more to build long-term brand awareness.

We aim to build brand loyalty and maximize customer engagement, so that customers make repeat purchases and spread awareness through word of mouth.

E-Commerce Operations

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We help you set up and run flagship e-commerce stores on China’s leading marketplaces, websites, and mini-programs. 

We focus on growing sales, using a mix of affiliate channels, influencers, and advertising tools to better target the right customers and maximize ROI.

Warehousing & Logistics


Azoya offers a one-stop solution for logistics, warehousing, and fulfillment. Our supply chain professionals have extensive resources and knowledge of international shipping routes and China customs clearance regulations. 

We use these capabilities to help you maintain low-cost, efficient logistics operations and provide a superior customer experience.

About the explanation of tax payable on cross-border e-commerce retail imports, please click here to know more.

Online Distribution

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Looking to expand your business through multiple sales channels in China? Sell your items to distributors and retailers who are willing to do the sales and marketing for you. Azoya's extensive distribution network  helps you build your brand by expanding to multiple channels, enabling you to reach different subsets of customers.