China E-commerce Services

With extensive experience in cross-border e-commerce, Azoya has developed multiple e-commerce services to help retailers and brands capture sales in the booming China market.

Multi-brand Retailing

Multi-brand retailers are highly demanded by Chinese consumers, who want to buy demanded products which are authentic, reliable and trust worthy. A successful multi-brand e-commerce operation in China typically have following success 4P Factors: People, Place, Products and Price. 

Azoya work with selected retailers who carry in-demand products, and help them maximize their sales potential in China by implementing the 4P Factors. Azoya's turnkey & end-to-end solution helps multi-brand retailers to successfully launch on key sales channels, grow revenue, satisfy customers and manage cost on returns.

4P factors for multi-brand e-commerce success

Azoya Solution

Azoya provide turnkey solution to help ambitious retailers to capture the Chinese e-commerce market. Our solution enbale retailers to sell via multi-channel: .CN website, WeChat Mini-program, native iOS and Android Apps, and online marketplaces (Tmall,, Kaola, Pinduoduo, Douyin, Little Red Book, etc).

  • Wordwide inventory: Our infrastructure allow merchants to sell full assortment, millions of SKUs, and fulfillment from global DC, Hong Kong DC, China bonded warehouse DC, and China domestic DC.

  • Full localization: Completely localized customer journey from registration, product discovery, ordering, payment, customer service to CRM. Consumers felt like buying from a Chinese native website which is powerful and clean.

  • Tech + Service: Azoya provides both technology's set up, maintenance and free build upgrade with industry leading new fuction development; and our retail and marketing experts work on sales, merchandising, forecasting, campaign, digital marketing, and customer management. We scale with our retail partner.

  • Data driven: Our data driven apporach to e-commerce operation maximize return on investment, maintain robust turn-over rate, and optimize profit margin.

FragranceNet China Website

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Beauty Disruptor

China is positioned to become the world's largest beauty market by the 2030s, and there is an enormous opportunity for ambitious brands that promote beauty, health, organic and luxury. Azoya's DTC solution enables global beauty brands to quickly launch in China market while laying a sound foundation for scalability. Our partnership with disrupting global beauty brands helps them to scale quickly from 0 - 1, and from 1 - 10 million sales in the first year.


Our services include

  • Developing a 3-year and long-term brand strategy regarding brand positioning, sales channel, USPs, marketing, pricing, and distribution.

  • Setting up cross-border & domestic presence for brands, enabling local/cross-border warehousing, logistics, and WMS/OMS/ERP integrations.

  • We are your trusted B2C flagship store TP for Tmall, Tmall Global, (domestic + Cross-border), Douyin, Little Red Book and WeChat.

  • In and External marketing: PPC ads, SEM ads, CPM ads, CPS ads, influencer partnerships, livestream sales, KOC campaigns, PR features, events, and collaborations.

  • Our distribution network covers major retailer channels, individual resellers (Taobao/WeChat), influencers, and institutions (banks, corporate B2B, and others).

Position your brand for success

As a big and diverse market, Chinese consumers have no shortage of products to select from. And given the big geographical context, people from different regions have various subcultures, dialects, buying behaviors and consumption power. Therefore it is important for brands to discover a winning position in the Chinese market to take the best advantage of your marketing budget. 

For beauty brands, Azoya adopts a systematic matrix to discover a winning position by:

position your brand for success.png 

Our experienced beauty industry team help brands to identify gaps of unfulfilled demands, discover consumer mindset changes, and help you define your market position, refining the brand's unique selling points (USPs) in China.

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Creative story telling in China

Storytelling is gaining increasing importance in the Chinese market for global brands. Being able to tell a good story add value to the brand's communication strategy, and being able to recruit KOL, KOC and customers more easily. We craft brand stories by deeply understanding the brand's unique selling points and unfulfilled consumer challenges, laying the foundation for authenticity and relevance. 

We work closely with brands to create authentic stories whether they are told directly from the brand's official voices (e.g. your official Flagship Stores, official WeChat, Douyin & Little Red Book accounts), or via trust-worthy influencers who can tell the stories from their own narratives, or interactive advertisement on multi-media. Good brand stories remain the greatest assets for brands in China, and they continue to be remembered and shared by Chinese consumers.

B2C Sales Channels

A Flagship Store (FSS) in China is not just a shop for brands any more, but a multi-role digital hub existing to create brand awareness, improve market visibility, educate customers, implement marketing campaigns, and perform other important digital tasks. Typically for an emerging brand to launch in China, they may choose 1 or more FSS as the official presence, even prior to any retail or social media partnership.

Azoya develops & maintains the brand's direct-to-consumer sales channels in China via cross-border or domestic e-commerce marketplaces. Azoya International is a certified trade partner on multiple leading Chinese marketplaces, including but not limited to Tmall (Tmall Global),, WeChat, Douyin, Little Red Book, Kaola, VIP Shop, and more. Our proprietary Azoya SaaS engine also allows brands to set up.CN website is easily integrated into the leading Chinese marketplaces.

We take care of end-to-end operations in the platform on behalf of the brands: product listing, in-platform advertising, live stream campaigns, customer service, promotion campaigns, creative & designs, technology integrations, custom-app development, and international logistics.


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Chinese Marketplaces 

B2B & Affiliation Sales

Azoya's partnership with leading Chinese marketplaces, local & international retailers, overseas Daigou and affiliate partners give brands unparalleled access to the Chinese beauty community. Our system enables bulk & dropship trade from a central DC to help brands create listings in major platforms, and leverage re-sellers' own private network to grow sales & awareness in China.

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Hotels & Resorts

Chinese online travel market developed rapidly. As of December 2022, the online travel service user base surged to 423 million, constituting a substantial 39.6% of the entire Internet citizens. Its CAGR would achieve over 6% from 2023 to 2028.


The development of online travel owes to China’s surge of digitization, which could be proved by the explosive growth of short video and live streams. Within the realm of short video, there are three giant platforms: Douyin stands tall with an impressive 600 million daily active users, while WeChat Video Account and Kuaishou both have a user base of 360 million each.

According to ‘2022 live commerce white paper’, the users of Chinese live commerce reached 469 million in 2022, showing a staggering increase of 204 million users since March 2020. The Gross Merchandised Value of live commerce was expected to be 3.5 trillion Yuan ($0.88 trillion US), accounting for 23% of the overall e-commerce sales landscape.

Azoya helps you to leverage the trend of Chinese digitization to build your brand awareness and increase sales with cutting-edge market insight and rich experience.


Our services for hotels & resorts focus on

  • E-commerce: Establish a comprehensive system for hotel reservation, ticket booking, car rental, product selling and any other functions you need.

  • Social Media Marketing: Leveraging the most influential social media platforms, such as WeChat Video Account, Douyin, and Little Red Book, to increase user engagement and build your brand awareness.

  • Advertisement: Through targeted PPC, SEM, CPM, and CPS ads, along with influencer collaborations, captivating live stream sales, KOC initiatives, PR features, impactful events, and strategic partnerships.

  • Application Development: Develop and operate a customized application to meet your specific needs, ensuring a robust platform for your business.


Presence on Social Media for Brand Awareness

A significant number of Chinese consumers are turning to social media platforms for destination selection and travel bookings. The #TRAVEL tag on Little Red Book achieved over 9.03 billion views, indicating consumers' demand for destination recommendations, travel tips and experience sharing.

Our expertise lies in telling compelling brand stories and cultivating a solid online presence across dynamic social media channels such as WeChat, Douyin (TikTok's Chinese version), and Little Red Book. Through the establishment of official accounts and agile operation, you will gain a deeper understanding of your audience, while also collecting helpful feedback on your products and services. This, in turn, enhances the potential for increased orders.



Cost-Efficient Advertisement for Accurate Exposure

We offer a wide range of tailored advertisements designed to meet your specific needs. Take, for instance, Baidu, China's leading search engine, with a staggering user base of over 200 million daily active users, indicative of its remarkable online traffic. Utilizing this platform, we can strategically bid for visibility, effectively connecting with your target audience at a reasonable cost.

Another impactful avenue is through Key Opinion Leaders' (KOLs) endorsements, which can significantly boost both exposure and sales. Our KOL selection process involves a thorough evaluation of their influence, cost-effectiveness, alignment with your brand identity, and more, all aimed at maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI). By carefully managing endorsements, we ensure that each collaboration enhances your brand's presence and drives impressive results.



WeChat Mini Program and Tailored Application for Better User Experience and Retention

In addition to harnessing diverse marketplaces, creating a mini-program or proprietary application help to better user experience. This contributes to convenience and time saving, such as online recommendation & booking, ticket checking through QR codes and fast-response customer service and more.

It could also accumulate users and cultivate their loyalty. Tailored precisely to your business's unique specifications, applications with flexible and effective operation are more controllable to gather consumers’ feedback and market insight, benefiting to the improvement of your products and service.

Nutrition & Wellness

The awareness of health among Chinese consumers has been increased by the joint influence of factors such as the pandemic, economic advancements, and education. This convergence has led to a remarkable surge in the wellness market over recent years.


Azoya tracks current consumption trends and assists you in establishing your business, amplifying brand visibility, and boosting product sales.


Our service includes

  • Consultation & Analysis: We carefully assess your brand's current standing and fuse it with the nuances of the Chinese market, yielding targeted audience segmentation and the unique selling points of your products.

  • Social Media Marketing: Promoting health concepts and your products on giant social media platforms in China to facilitate audience education and amplify your brand's distinctive image.

  • Marketplaces: Serving as your dependable B2C flagship store partner, we extend our reach to top-tier platforms such as Tmall, Tmall Global, (both domestic and cross-border), Douyin, Little Red Book, and WeChat.

  • Comprehensive B2B Distribution: Our distribution network spans across major retail channels, individual resellers on platforms including Taobao and WeChat, influencers, and institutional partners such as mom & baby shops, and pharmacies.


Position your brand for success

China's expansive population fuels diverse health demands. Geographically, as the world's second-largest nation, China's regions present unique nutritional requisites. Additionally, distinct life stages - spanning infancy, pregnancy, adolescence, adulthood, and senior years - introduce varied health challenges.

Azoya discovers your position from perspectives of user demographics, price range, nutrition elements, application scenario (e.g. weight management, exercise support, and anti-aging to aiding work and study pursuits), efficiency, competitions, categories, forms, sales channels, leading to your unique selling points and brand images.

Comprehensive marketing

Elevating consumer awareness of health is the key to promoting the sale of healthcare products. The dissemination of health concepts and nutritional benefits through social media wields substantial influence.

Azoya collaborates closely with brands to disseminate wellness insights across prominent social media channels such as WeChat, Douyin, and Little Red Book. Through skilful integration of health concepts into your products, brand recognition and sales potential could be magnified.


Mom & Baby

As parenting trends in China have evolved, with a growing emphasis on children's health, early childhood education, and high-quality childcare, there has been a noticeable increase in expenditure on items related to food, education, and childcare services. Furthermore, the Chinese government's introduction of the three-child policy in 2021, with the goal of boosting the fertility rate, is expected to further drive the ongoing development of this industry.


Source: Statista

Azoya facilitates the rapid entry of global mom & baby brands into the Chinese market by offering a comprehensive e-commerce solution. Our services are designed to help you establish a strong brand presence and boost sales in the expansive Chinese market within a defined and satisfactory timeframe.

Our services for mom & baby focus on

  • Consultation & Analysis: We conduct a thorough assessment of your brand and products, identifying key selling points that resonate with Chinese consumers. We offer strategic insights on various aspects, including distribution, marketing, and logistics.

  • Marketplaces: As your trusted B2C flagship store partner, we provide access to top-tier platforms, including Tmall, Tmall Global, (both domestic and cross-border), Douyin (Chinese TikTok), Little Red Book, and WeChat.

  • Social Media Marketing: We establish connections with leading KOLs/KOCs in China, harnessing their influence to endorse your products to their vast follower base. This approach helps in building a strong brand presence across China's prominent social media platforms.

  • Comprehensive Operations: Azoya boasts a local e-commerce expert team dedicated to managing your brand's operations in China. Our services encompass customer support, the development of member systems, and the construction of customer loyalty initiatives.

Cost-Effective Marketing for Brand Awareness

Collaborating with KOLs/KOCs is an undeniable part of the marketing strategy. However, the challenge lies in selecting the most suitable influencers. At Azoya, we leverage our vast data and extensive experience to identify the most cost-effective options for your brand. Additionally, considering the current trend of live streaming in China, we harness this avenue to promote your brand effectively, whether through partnerships with KOLs or by building and managing your self-live team. Beyond social media marketing, Azoya also offers expertise in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on Baidu, China's largest search engine. 


Expertly Tailored Operations for Local Consumer Preferences

A key driver of brand success is the ability to meet the specific demands of the local audience. Azoya's dedicated local team possesses in-depth knowledge of Chinese consumers. We help establish official brand accounts on platforms like Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu), Douyin, and WeChat, ensuring regular posts about your products for maximum exposure and customer acquisition. Moreover, we actively gather customer feedback, allowing for timely adjustments to your market strategy in alignment with local trends.

Furthermore, we extend our services to marketplace operations, covering platforms like Tmall,, and Douyin. With advanced tools and comprehensive sales data tracking, we aim to maximize the impact of your brand within these marketplaces.