Cambridge Satchel

Cambridge Satchel


Cambridge Satchel is a maker of traditional British leather satchels. Inspired by the Harry Potter books, mother Julie Deane founded the company in 2008 to create bags for schoolchildren. The company opened its first physical store in 2013 and expanded into men's bags in 2015. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Emma Stone have been witnessed in public carrying the satchels, boosting the brand's popularity over the years. Today, the company sells satchels and accessories in over 100 countries worldwide. 

Cross-Border E-commerce to China

Cambridge Satchel was looking for a local Chinese partner that understood the local fashion retail industry and could help it expand its presence in China. In 2018, Azoya signed an agreement with Cambridge Satchel to offer the Azoya Commerce solution, which in this case includes the set-up and operations of a highly customized official China brand website, complete with cross-border e-commerce functions. The platform integrates all back-office operations so that transactions in China can be carried out smoothly and sync with order and inventory management systems in the UK.

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